About Us


Acute bacterial sinusitis is an infection of the nasal cavity that often results in runny nose, sinus pressure, and an overproduction of mucus. Many of these symptoms are shared between bacterial sinusitis and common viral upper respiratory infections such as the common cold.

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Key features of our product


Results available in under 30 minutes- patients can be diagnosed in just one office visit


Our device utilizes a sputum sample which simply involves spitting into a tube

Easy to Use

Our platform combines sample lysing and the lateral flow assay into one seamless device


Our device is 95% accurate


The ones who runs this company

Hunter Vinsonhaler

Team Lead

Hunter has a passion for medicine and has held an Palliative Care Internship under Dr. Dabral of UCI Medical Center. She researched 3D cell culturing under Dr. Esfandyarpour. This project perfectly combines her passion for medicine and expertise in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Isabelle Pearson

Industry Advisor and Prototype Developer

Issy has extensive experience within the biomedical industry. She is currently working at Applied Medical as an intern and works with a prototyping team. She is familiar with the formal documentation process and handles our team's communication with leading experts in the field.


Omar Haroon


Omar is experienced with hardware fabrication and has worked on many engineering projects where he dealt with machining. Because Omar is pursuing a minor in materials science, he brings unique insight to the team regarding the products to use to achieve the best result.


Roger Su

Marketing Advisor and Literature Researcher

Roger has been quintessential in overseeing literature and patent research in the initial stages of our project. He has ensured the team is informed of solutions currently on the market and the leading research.


Heren Rathod

CAD Designer 

Heren is deeply passionate about computer aided design both inside and out of the classroom. He has completed several personal projects using CAD and has been an essential asset in developing our initial designs.